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Dedicated to awareness and preservation of our night sky.



Our mission is to develop relationships between individuals and the sky we all share.  To accomplish this, we have a three-pronged approach. First, we offer astronomy education outreach to rural communities. Second, we create awareness about our dwindling night skies, due to light pollution. Third, we conduct research about the archaeological roots of astronomy and its cultural significance.



Our goals are simple: to promote astronomy education in rural areas while raising awareness about protecting the night sky. 


Bring astronomy education to rural areas who may not have access to a local planetarium or observatory.


Spread awareness about light pollution and the importance of protecting our night skies.


Conduct archaeological research on how the night sky was used by ancient cultures.


Build our program to expand our reach within the United States and grow to accommodate international programs.


“ light pollution spreads, we are slowly losing one of the oldest and most universal links to all of human history.”

Peter Lipscomb  |  Santa fe Astronomer




Project Night Sky was the product of a road trip to the American Northwest.  I live in the Southeastern Unites States but am from Montana.  My parents wanted to me to reconnect with Montana, so we packed our family of five into our VW Jetta and headed west. My parents explained how open and vast the spaces are around the Dakotas, Wyoming, and Montana but nothing prepared me for their raw beauty. 

I drew and wrote but nothing could capture the experience of seeing the unpolluted night skies (especially from my backseat view in the Jetta).  I wanted to build observatories to study these darkest of night skies and then share the experience with anyone who could be persuaded to look up.  However, aside from the obvious logistical and financial barriers to peppering the rural landscape with observatories, it would also bring light pollution to these pure, clear skies.  From that, the idea for the mobile observatory was born. 



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